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AudienceME is the Middle East’s Digital Advertising Platform that allows you to target your local audience while they are engaged in quality content from across the globe. Through representation and partnership with a select group of rolex replica well-known international brand name sites, you can now take your advertising to a whole new level. With AudienceME, your available options to buy advertising online increases exponentially. No longer will you be stuck buying ads on a few local sites. Now you are able to tap into a large selection of international sites.

Publisher Portfolio

Reach more Middle East Impressions



With a reach of over 35 million monthly ad impressions, AudienceME provides the scale that you are looking for.

Creative options for your rich media  campaigns


AudienceME follows IAB specifications for creative units.
Click here for more info: Rich media including expandables are accepted.

Enhance Your Brand with Our Platform


Our management placements provide you with the perfect environment to swiss replica watches enhance your client’s brand while driving greater efficiency for their ad spend.

M obile targeting in the Middle East


Your user exists across the digital divide and so do we. Target your user whether they browse from a smartphone or tablet.

Learn deeper insights with our analytical engine


Our analytical engine gives you deeper, more actionable insight on your client’s campaign empowering you with the data you need to ensure your client’s success.


Need to take your advertising to a whole new level? Take advantage of our customized solutions and let us help you craft the appropriate digital campaign for your client.