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Finally a platform that allows you to effectively monetize your international inventory. With AudienceME, we do exactly that. Through our regional exposure, we access brand advertisers who seek quality environments to target their local Middle East audience. This allows you, the publisher, to maintain CPM integrity rather than dumping your international inventory on the networks.


Brand Integrity for Middle East Advertisers Platform

Brand Integrity

Maintain the brand integrity of your site through the quality of your advertiser base. AudienceME’s niche presence in the Middle East market gives you access to quality advertisers. You no longer have to worry about potentially devaluing your site with network buys running questionable creatives.

Monetise Impressions for Middle East Advertisers Platform

Maximize Revenues

By tapping into AudienceME’s Middle East clientele, you can now connect with a variety of new advertisers while monetizing previously difficult to sell international inventory.

Seamless Integration

IAB recognized third party ad server allows for seamless trafficking to your internal ad operations.

Complete Control of Advertisers

Complete Control

You have complete discretion as to which advertisers you would like to run on your site.

AudienceME Support


With an established presence in the heart of the world’s publishing capital, we are a phone call if not a knock away.

Enhanced Branding

Enhanced Branding

Greater association as an international brand by consumers who see your engagement in their local market.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

AudienceME’s Custom Solutions Program provides publishers an opportunity to develop rich and integrated solutions which command premium pricing.


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